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Hi, I'm Barb Franzen. I received my Master's from Kearney State College. Before that, I attended the University of Nebr. I was a Gamma Phi Beta. Following a time out, when I was a sophomore, I was a stewardess with United Airlines, My master's opened the door for becoming a Licensed Mental Health, therapist. My primary clients were children who bore the scars of abuse. I adored working with these brave children, who withstood, grave, adversity. In 1977, I opened a private practice.

Multiple Sclerosis, a thief gave me such pain that I could no longer work. I still walk and talk quite well. I have fairly extensive nerve damage, which causes, loud and angry, tingling. A surgeon hopes that high doses of Gabapentin will help. Moving on, I began writing poetry at the Platte River near Gothenburg, in 1980. I was first published by the North Platte Telegraph Bulletin, in a contest about the plains. I have not worked much at submitting poetry, but I have published 45 poems. Ten of my poems were published in Nebr. Life Magazine. Greg Kuzma read some of my poetry at his home. He encouraged me to believe that I had a pretty good ear and voice and to write forever. My love for Nebraska has greatly influenced many of my poems, and also encouraged me to write a book, The Rag Princess, with Nebraska as the setting. g My inhibitions held me back from doing publicity. People who have read the book, love it and say they can't set it down.

Writing comes the easiest, at our hangout on the Little Blue, where my husband added a sunroom, and birds of all kinds come to feed.

I write poetry continually, reaching out to nature, snapshots, people, love, abuse, humor, I have even dreamed that I was writing poetry, while asleep Overall, I have written around 4,000 poems. It seems like an obsession or addiction. The other night I fainted, and in the process, of falling, fast. I hit my head, knocking off a metal cabinet knob while landing in the cat's water dish and spraining my ankle. The next day, the trauma was deserving of a poem.

I am warmly excited to join this group and share poetry. Likewise, learning is a favorite of this Lady Bug,

My personal, loves and interests are multiple. First, are my two lovely Grandaughters, Anna and Cora. A few minutes ago, Anna, age eleven, told me that she received third place in the Hastings Elementary writing contest. She will read her work at a public event. She has also climbed the ladder in music and is playing classical piano. Both of the girls participate in basketball, volleyball, swimming, etc. I can't keep track!!! My hubby is their Uber, as their mother is a music teacher, and my son is the new head coach at Hastings College, where his job is to build up the team. I am happy just to live close to them.

My husband and I moved from Lincoln to Hastings this past spring, where we feel at home. We lived in Hastings for fifteen years, when we were younger,

This town offers a quaint feeling, and I like to explore nearby towns. including, Red Cloud, Nelson, and Oak

Having written a theme, I will sign off for now, with a special moment. when I was sixteen and spent an evening, dining out, at Crystal Palace in Aspen, Colorado, in 1963, right after my mother's death. This was shortly after President Kennedy was assassinated. I sat down, and glancing over, to the table beside us, I saw the Kennedys, Ted and Bobby, the Schrivers, and all of their wives. At sixteen, it seemed surreal. Of course, I captured the moment in poetry.

For now, I'll say, Goodbye, Barb Franzen

Barbara Franzen

Barbara Franzen

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