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BlackBerry Peach National

Slam Poetry Competition

June 5th – June 10th, 2024

at: DoubleTree Hilton
Roswell, GA

The National Competition is limited to 44 of the top spoken word poets from across the country. It is held by the National Federation of State Poetry Societies (NFSPS) and sponsored by the Georgia Poetry Association (GPA).


The Nebraska Poetry Society has reserved and paid the Berth for the winning poet from the NPS National Slam Tryouts. The winning poet will also receive a meal stipend and we will assist the winning poet in fundraising efforts to cover hotel and travel expenses. If you would like to help donate to send the NPS National Slam Winner to Blackberry Peach, please click HERE 


First Place: $2,000

Second Place: $1,000

Third Place: $500

Fourth Place: $250

Fifth-Twelfth Place: $125

Sacrificial poet will receive $100


BlackBerry Peach National Slam Poetry Competition Itinerary

     Wednesday, June 5, 2024
          2:00 p.m. | Slam orientation
          6:30 p.m. | Prelims (Bouts 1 and 2)
          8:30 p.m. | Prelims (Bouts 3 and 4)
          10:30 p.m. | Themed Open Mic


     Thursday, June 6, 2024
          6:30 p.m. | Prelims (Bouts 5 and 6)
          8:30 p.m. | Prelims (Bouts 7 and 8)
          10:30 p.m. | Themed Open Mic


     Friday, June 7, 2024
          11:00 p.m. | NUPIC

     Saturday, June 8, 2024
          6:30 p.m. | Haiku Slam
          8:30 p.m. | Final Stage
          11:00 p.m. | Open Mic

Competition Format

Information coming soon

National Slam Qualifying Event

Saturday, March 16 at 3:00p

at Larksong

1600 N Cotner Blvd, Lincoln, NE

BBP paypal QR Code.png

Nebraska Poetry Society will pay the berth and meals

for the winner of the Qualifying Slam

to compete at the BlackBerry Peach National Slam Poetry Competition!

We will also help the winner fundraise to cover funds for hotel and flight. 

If you would like to donate to this cause, please do so throuth the QR Code.

Every dollar counts!

National Slam Qualifying Event Format

​Registration: Poets may register on the day of the event. We will begin taking registrations at the event at 3:00pm. The competition will start at 3:30pm.

Fees: There is no fee to participate. We are asking for donations from the audience and those attending. All donations will be used to cover the expenses for the winning poet at the BlackBerry Peach National Slam Poetry Competition.

Time Limit: All poems in the competition have a 3-minute time limit. There is a 10-second grace period, after which there will be a 1-point deduction for each additional 10 seconds over the time limit.

​Judging: Judges will score each poem on a scale of 1 to 10, utilizing one decimal place to give further nuance to the scores.

Poems: The poems must be written by the poet without any AI assistance. Vulgar or offensive language of any sort will not be accepted. If you are on the fence about whether a poem is appropriate, please reach out to us at Poems cannot be repeated in any round, including any tie-breaking rounds.

Order: The order in the first round will be chosen by random draw. The order in the second round will be determined by the first-round scores, in order of highest score to lowest. If there is a large turnout, and we do not have time for all poets to compete in the second round, the poets with the lowest scores will not move on to the second round.

​Scoring: After the first two rounds, all scores are added together to determine entry to the final round. All scores are reset for the final round.

Eliminations: At the end of each round, the highest-scoring poets will advance to the next round. Depending on the number of competitors, there may not be eliminations between some rounds.

Ties: Ties in any round, including the final round, are solved by adding scores from all judges and all rounds. If there is still a tie, a tie-breaking round will be held.

​Prize: The highest-scoring poet in the final round wins and is given a paid trip (full or partial, depending on fundraising results) to the BlackBerry Peach National Slam Poetry Competition.

Annual Convention

Voices Set Free

June 5th – June 10th, 2024

at: DoubleTree Hilton
Roswell, GA

Voices Set Free is a great opportunity to meet other poets from across the country, hone your skills, and get inspired by published poets. It has four days packed full of poetry events.

Each day of the conference, you will have writing workshops to improve your skills. There will be readings from several notable poets each day and open mic time for you to take the stage and share your work.

Voices Set Free.png

Register for Annual Convention --- Voices Set Free

Conference $125: Convention registrants can also attend all events of the BlackBerry Peach National Slam Poetry Competition.

All Meals Package $213: Options for purchasing lunch ($19) and dinner ($31) individually is available on the NFSPS convention website

All Event Pass $338: Includes conference pass and all meals


Itinerary for the Annual Convention — Voices Set Free

Wednesday,  June 5, 2024

Registration Opens: 9:00a

Open Mic Poetry Reading: 10:30a

Slam Orientation: 2:00p

Writing Workshop:3:00p

STAGE: Blackberry Peach Poetry Slam  ROUND ONE: 6:30p -11:00p

Thursday, June 6th

NFSPS Inc Board Meeting: 9:00a
Registration table opens Rotunda: 9:30a
Open Mic Poetry Reading: 10:00a-12:00p
Writing/Performance Workshop: 10:00a
Book Room opens for sale of books: 1:00p
PANEL DISCUSSION: How We Appreciate Poetry: 1:30p
     Hip Hop:  DeVeata Williams Lady Vee The Poet
     Slam: Noir Jente
     Translations: Lucinda Clark Poetry Matters Project
     Youth: Kelsey  and Caleb Negro Artist                      

Convention Madness Winners: 6:00p

STAGE:  Blackberry Peach Poetry Slam  ROUND TWO: 6:30p - 11:00p      
Open Mic Poetry Reading: 11:00 p - 12:00a

Friday, June 7th

Open Mic Poetry Reading/Welcome: Barbara Nishanian President GPS: 7:30a  -  8:30a

NFSPS Inc Contest Awards:  8:30 am

Youth Poetry Workshop Facilitator - Dahana: 10:00a

Workshop for Adults John Hinton  Delving Deeper into Your Poetic Voice:11:00 am

Luncheon - Poem by Invocation Contest winner:12:15p
Barbara Stevens Manuscript Award:1:15 p 

Fun activity/fellowship for Youth Festival: 1:30pm

NFSPS Inc Contest Awards: 2:30p

Youth Poetry Workshop: 3:15p

Youth Poetry Slam and open: 4:30p 

Dinner & Announcement of Adult Slam Finalists with poems by invocation contest winner and youth slam winner: 6:30p 

Georgia Keynote Speaker DeVeata Williams Atlanta Out Loud: 7:30p

Open Mic Poetry Reading:  8:45p - 10:00p

NU PIC (slam event): 10:00p


Saturday, June 8th: Georgia Poetry Society Showcase Day

Open Mic poetry reading: 7:30a

Registration Open in Bookroom: 8:30
State President’s meeting: 8:30a
Book Room Open: 9:00a
Plenary Session  (elections, reports, delegate votes): 9:45a

Writing/Performance Workshop: 9:45a
Luncheon  - Poem by Invocation Contest winner & Manningham Winners: 12:15p
Georgia State Showcase: 1:00p
NFSPS Inc Contest Awards: 3:30p

Dinner -  Poem by invocation contest winner, youth slam winner reader & CUP Winners: 5:00p

Autograph signing at book room for Speakers: 5:15p
STAGE:  Blackberry Peach Poetry Slam  ROUND THREE (FINALS): 6:30p 
Open Mic Poetry Reading:11:00p


Sunday, June 9th

Open Mic Poetry Reading: 8:00a 

Presentation: 9:30a

Lunch & Poems by Invocation Contest winner& Blackberry Peach Performance Poetry Winners:  12:00p 

Workshop by Keynote Tamika Harper:  2:15pm

Autograph signing for keynote:  4:00p 

Gala Dinner - Poem by Invocation Contest winner:  6:00p

Keynote Address Tamika Harper:  7:30p

NFSPS Inc Contest Awards:  8:45p

Open Mic Poetry Reading:  10:00p 

Monday, June 10th: Optional Tour

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