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Our goal is to provide frequent and varied opportunities to expand your craft, gain new skills and enjoy the comradery of other poets. We strive to provide something for everyone. 

Recurring weekly and monthly sessions are free to members.  

Workshops lead by experienced, professional poets are free or have reduced fees for members.

Opportunities to Publish & Win Poetry Awards

The National Federation of State Poetry Societies (NFSPS), and all state chapters including the Nebraska Poetry Society, have opportunities to publish in anthologies, literary publications, and to submit to multiple poetry competitions. Recognition for entries can include publication and monetary gains.

Annual Poetry Convention

The NFSPS Annual Poetry Convention is a weekend event with workshops from some of the top poets. The location will change each year to provide everyone with equal access.

The Nebraska Poetry Society will announce their upcoming Poetry Retreat and next year's Poetry Festival soon.

Subscription to Strophes

Strophes, the national society's official newsletter, is published quarterly with national and state societies' news. It announces numerous contests and lists the national board members and state presidents. The summer issue provides names of judges and winners for the national contests.

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