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Leadership Opportunities Available

If you live in Nebraska, are dependable, believe in our mission, and have an interest in poetry we would like to talk with you. Specific skill sets we are looking for are financial, fundraising, and social media. If you have other skill sets that can help our organization, please reach out and let us know. The Nebraska Poetry Society is growing quickly and we need people to help us keep the momentum going.

We are an official 501c3 organization built on the passion of our volunteers. We welcome students, those who are looking for leadership experience, and diversity to our board. We are understanding of commitments and obligations outside of the Nebraska Poetry Society as we all have them. We do expect our volunteers to be engaged and honest about what they can contribute.

Email us at: with information about your skill sets and qualifications along with a statement about what you can contribute to the Nebraska Poetry Society to help us grow and further our mission.

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