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What we're working on

The Nebraska Poetry Society was in the news. How awesome is that! Allie Snow at KLKN-TV in Lincoln reached out to us for a comment on Amanda Gorman’s Inaugural poem.

Dr Stephanie Marcellus lead a great sonnet workshop. We wrote a sonnet as a group, what a fun way to play with the form! The exercise on working with the rhyme scheme took the stress out of trying to fit the format. Holly Pelesky gave us some great ideas to use when revising our work. Next up we have the always fun Matt Mason and Shyla Sheehan will give us some creative ways to approach the blank page. See our events page for more information.

Our first Poetry Feedback Forum was a great success in setting the tone and feel for future sessions. We created a calm and inviting atmosphere that allowed time to reflect on the poem and provide thought provoking feedback for the author. Future sessions are available to help you also.

Our weekly Muse Maintenance sessions are a big hit. Participants leave the session feeling inspired and with the beginning of something they want to develop later. Feel free to pop in and get inspired with us.


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