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My name is Brandy - I am the current Vice President of the Nebraska Poetry Society!

I have always been more of a jack-of-all-trades type of person. I have been everything from soldier to mother to analyst to business owner. Not one of these things defines me; instead, the combination of all my experiences has shaped me into the writer I am today. While I love to retell stories and make people laugh, my poetry tends to be a little more “dark and stormy.” Delving into topics and voices that may be more taboo than mainstream is where I am most comfortable – it is a way to explore the places we don’t always let ourselves go to for fear of being sucked in and never being able to escape. I hope to find the bridges from the foggy areas we fear to tread into a lighter place. I love to explore, not only when I travel the world with my family but in my writing as well. I sit at my desk or in a coffee shop and explore how far I can stretch the words and sentences that I dream up. Or maybe how I can mold them into submission and create something that wasn’t there before.

You can find my work (and a bit more about me) at my website:

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Brandy Prettyman

Brandy Prettyman

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